Allok Video Converter

Allok Video Converter

A tool that will help you convert between various video formats
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Being able to convert between various video formats is a great advantage as it can allow you to watch movies on mobile devices or bypass the limitations of a certain player. Programs like Allok Video Converter were developed to help you with task.

Allok Video Converter is a program with many qualities. First of all, it offers a vast number of output formats that you can choose from. Furthermore, it is capable of batch converting, thus allowing you to process all your files simultaneously.

Another big plus for this program is that it provides a lot of preset settings that will help you obtain the results that you desire. With Allok Video Converter you can obtain formats compatible with products from Sony, Apple, BlackBerry Microsoft etc.

Allok Video Converter gives full control over your output files. The application allows you to determine the video and audio quality, the FPS number and the aspect ratio. Moreover, the advanced settings will enable to choose the desired audio and video codec, the sample rate and the audio volume.

One of the few things that I didn’t like about Allok Video Converter is that it doesn’t allow you to merge videos together. It seems a bit illogical for the program to have video splitting capabilities, but not to offer any way of putting the fragments back together

In the end, Allok Video Converter is a handy tool, which I recommend. Its extensive functionality makes the application worth its price, so I would definitely buy it.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • Lets you choose from a large number of output formats
  • Is capable of batch converting your files
  • Allows you to determine the amount of system resources that it can use


  • It allows you to split a video, but it doesn't help you merge multiple videos together
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